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森川 拓野 / Takuya Morikawa

ターク / TAAKK

Winner Interview

Interview / Dec. 30, 2020
Interview by Tomoko Kawasaki
Translation by Aiko Osaki
Photography by Yohey Goto

森川 拓野 / Takuya Morikawai

Q. The event which was originally scheduled for March was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and held afresh as the !FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2020 WINNER’S EVENT” during the October Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO. With what mindset did you face this time’s runway show?

There was a negative mood about holding the event, even in October, so I wanted to make it into something that made people happy, make people feel good just by stepping into the venue, and chose Shinjuku Gyoen as the venue. Runway shows are incredibly attractive events, and it is important to convey the emotion, passion behind making clothes and the clothes we’ve made, so I intend to continue doing some kind of presentation, including overseas.

Q. Were there any differences with the show you presented in January at Paris?

January・・・. When I think about it now, it seems so far back. The very first show I presented at Paris was something I’m really happy to have experienced, including reflection points. Presenting a show at Paris has also been an important turning point for the brand, which has been an opportunity to increase shops that carry our items.

Q.This time, after the show presentation, you held an installation linked to the runway. What was the idea behind that, and was there anything in particular which induced you to do so?

I wanted to provide a place at which people could actually see and touch the items our team spent half a year in creating, so I held the installation. I did it as a method to convey our way of thought behind clothes making and to carefully convey the details and particularities of our clothes which cannot be conveyed fully in a show only. Ours is not a brand which will be chosen because it has a cute atmosphere, like in lady’s brands. In our men’s clothing, it is essential to explain our clothes, to have people understand and sympathize. For example, for the jacket which changes from linen into a shirt which we announce this season, we’ve used a special fabric which docks together the function of each. We wanted to dig deep and convey the fact that we use fabrics which have deep meaning in the background. All the guests who visited the venue enjoyed themselves, and I’m genuinely happy to have done it.

Q. Having been awarded the FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO and carrying out various activities under its support. What kind of experience was that for the brand?

Seeing MAME KUROGOUCHI and AURALEE win it, it was an award I wanted to get, so I was extremely happy when I actually won it. After having won it, the way people look at us, their expectations towards us has changed greatly, and the world seen from the brand has changed gravely also. I am truly thankful for being awarded. It is a valuable award with much influence, so I think more brands should apply.

Q. So, now that you’ve won the TFW and FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO, please tell us your plans for the future.

As something obvious as a fashion brand, I hope to continue making more and more good clothing. We were able to productize a fabric which we thought would be impossible again this season, and I feel I still have many ideas laying around. I’m not thinking about increasing the number of shapes we create per season, but I wish to create clothes and fabrics which will live on for 10, 20 years, clothes and fabrics which surprise people. By making good clothing, the world surrounding us will change, like it did after having being awarded this prize, and I think, by sticking to our creation ties into business and the growth of the brand as a result. TAAKK is a brand with strong family-like connections in which the staff and team all work like we were a family. I hope to maintain this clamorous mood, and continue to give birth to fun, attractive packaging befitting us.