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森川 拓野 / Takuya Morikawa

ターク / TAAKK

Winner Interview

Oct. 19, 2019

森川 拓野 / Takuya Morikawai

Q. What motivated you to enter the FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO?

As business with popular overseas stores gradually grew and opportunities of our products being worn by overseas artists increased, my feelings towards spreading acknowledgement of our brand around the world more, towards expanding overseas developments became stronger, so I entered.

Q. How did you feel when you won?

I was just so happy.
The team I work with, the factories that confront developments with me, my family, were all happy with me.At the same time, I felt the joy of being able to make clothes in an atmosphere supported by so many people.

Q. Please tell us your activity goal (things you want to increase, aims) for the 2 seasons as the Prize winner.

We are probably an unfamiliar brand to overseas buyers and press, so I intend to put effort into having our brand being seen.
Put full effort into conveying what TAAKK is all about.
And with that done, raise the quality of our clothes, strengthen our world view as a brand, and realize business.

Q. Please tell us your fervor towards the show presentation to be held in Paris, next January.

I want to make it a show with surprise.
My team and I are cooking up all sorts of things, so please look forward to it.