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Comments from the juriesFASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2020 審査員コメント
Oct. 19,2019

長尾 悦美
Yoshimi Nagao

株式会社 髙島屋
MD本部 婦人服・雑貨・特選・宝飾品ディビジョン バイヤー
長尾 悦美

General evaluation of the 3rd FPT screening board

What I place value on in judging is unchanged. The background of how the designer creates, including textiles, creative balance, and quality. Including steady domestic sales, I judge from the viewpoint of whether the brand is at a time when it should challenge overseas. Now that this PRIZE has reached its 3rd time, I think it is beginning to show that judgement standards have cleared a certain line. Among the entries, there were several brands which clear these conditions. With that in mind, in the end, I was attracted to the brand which presented an attractive presentation expressing the mood of the time and made me feel that the brand has the ability to continue giving birth to new creations.

Your reason for selecting the winner of the 3rd Takuya Morikawa(TAAK designer) FPT Award

The first thing that caught my eye was their LOOKBOOK. At first glance, it can be said that it looks very now-like, but it wasn’t like they competently created a good-looking LOOK just by mood. The photos well conveyed the good quality of the brand’s textiles and their creativeness. I visited their showroom, and felt possibility in the attractive appearance of their items hanging on the racks, their balance between design and price, Mr. Morikawa’s passion towards creation, his designs made through new ideas or original unique point of view, and I felt this was a brand which has a fighting chance overseas. I’m looking forward to seeing their world view in presentations and shows.

Your impression of having seen the 3rd award winner, Mr. Ryota Iwai’s (AURALEE) collection presentation at Paris, triumphant return event at Tokyo, and activities after receiving the award

In the last presentation at Paris, I felt AURALEE was a very attractive brand. Their world view has matured greatly and have established their own color as a brand without being taken prisoner by the frame of chic. Including Mr. Iwai’s big-hearted characteristic seen at events, etc., I think the number of AURALEE fans have increased.